· The non-fictional narrative essay recreates and experience for a central purpose.

1. Your Non-fictional Narrative can be up to 800 words. Type in Times 12 pt. font, double spaced, 1″ margins.
2. In this essay you are writing a personal non fiction narrative (a story about something significant that happened to you or that you observed) designed to
communicate a central purpose about empathy.

3. You will include research to support how some aspect of your experience common or relevant to a larger group of people, and how the research is relevant to your
personal experience

4. You will write so readers can vividly relive the experience and learn something about themselves. Be passionate. Include characters. Create memorable

5. Sources: integrates facts, ideas or quotes from 3 separate articles on empathy

6. Cite the sources in MLA forma: put a work cited list at t eh end of the essay, and put the authors name and the page number in the text after you quote
paraphrase or summarize someone else’s words or ideas
· The non-fictional narrative essay recreates and experience for a central purpose.

· It reveals an insight about the action or the people involved.

· By utilizing up to three text sources (book chapters, blogs online, journal articles), contextualize theories and experiences by people in that/your field to
address/illuminate an idea/concept.

· Use one quote as an epigraph (an introductory quote that comes before you begin the body of the text you are writing that helps to frame the viewpoint or mood
or story)

· Please use vivid details, some indication of the narrrative’s significance, but do not use “Dialogue” at all. Please also use a chronological structure of the

· Your narrative can be a personal narrative OR observational, hence it can be about what happened to you or to someone else/others.

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