divorce on children

For summaries the need 3 new research sources. The other six are in the paper below. Do not forget about the method in the reaseach.

Write a 2-3 page paper.


Articles (30 points): Find 3 new articles (10 points each) relevant to your topic (in addition to the six you’ve already chosen for a total now of 9 articles). Include a summary paragraph about each article.

Reference Page (10 points): Reference page with 9 appropriate articles in APA style.

Detailed Outline for Literature Review (30 points): Make a detailed outline for the literature review. Place the articles where you think they fit into the outline; include quotes you might want to use. Your outline should have 3 main topics (introduction, lit review and method). Each main topic will have about 5-6 smaller topics. See the example outline at the back of this syllabus.

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