According to Frethorne, what were the causes of his “daylie and hourelie sighes, grones, and teare”?




Frethorne begged his father to “redeem” him and “save my life.” What did he mean? What could his father do? Did frethorne seem to think his father will be able to help him? Why do you think he entreats his father “not to forget me”?



To what extent were Frethorne’s miseries the result of his status as an indentured servant? To what extent were they the result of being an English colonist? How did Frethorne describe his relations with his master and other English colonists?



Frethorne referred to Indiams as “Rogues” and “slaves.” How did his letter portray relations between the Indians and colonists? What part did corn and weapons play in their encounters?




In the light of Frethorne’s experiences, why do you think indentured servants continued to come to Virginia?


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