Assignment Description

You are the safety and emergency manager or coordinator for an organization of your choosing (except for a school district). It may be a real-world or fictional entity. You are tasked with developing a strategic security plan (SSP) for this organization, then coordinating it both internally and externally with relevant stakeholders and partners. You will complete some of the requirements that are associated with this plan this week, and later you will refine your product and plan your coordination for the final assignment of this course.

Components of the strategic security plan can be found here: Strategic Security Plan Components.

Assignment Guidelines


Complete the following:

  • Address the following in your strategic security plan of 1,250–1,500 words:
    • Name and briefly describe the organization that you serve.
      • Include its primary mission; role in the community; and details of its capacity, capabilities, personnel, and any other relevant factors.
    • Using the core components that were outlined in the document linked above, devise a format, layout, configuration, or narrative map (or other product) to identify the details of your selected organization as they fall within these areas.
      • Examples might be a table, Web site, organizational chart with decision gates, and so on.
      • You have complete latitude in designing a means for delivering these details; just ensure that your product provides clear guidance for anyone who might read it.
      • You may also order the required components as you see fit, but your choices should be coherent. Additionally, you may add any elements that are necessary that are not among those that are required.
    • This week you will identify and fully describe all of the elements and requirements that are associated with each of the mandated components of the SSP.
      • For example, under “threats,” you will, at a minimum, identify and describe the significant threats attendant to that organization, mission, facility, or geographic region. For the school district, the threat of an armed student who is engaged in violence is real and possible; the threat of food-borne salmonella may be possible, but could be bundled in a broader threat category, such as “facility environmental conditions.”
  • Although you may consult templates, samples, and industry standard resources, the design and delivery of the plan should reflect your own original work.
  • Be sure to reference all of your sources using APA style.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.


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