2 Week Unit Plan

2 Week Unit Plan

APA Format- Exploratory Research Log and Paper Write an exploratory paper of 850-1000 words

This project has three different parts.

I’ve attached the following files that you will need to complete the APA format assignment.

1. A powerpoint slide with pages 144-155 from the textbook

2. PDF file on instructions for the Research log and paper.

3. Grading Rubric

4. Topic Ideas for assignment.

For the first and second part of the assignment, I need a research log and then the final paper

below are the requirements of the paper. I need the log and paper. I’ve also attached a PDF file of the instructions, its a little bit easier to read and more

organized. I’ve also attached the grading rubric.

These are the requirements for the Exploratory Research Log and Paper:
1. Keep a research log.
a. Your research log must show at least 10 sources including at least two articles from one or more databases and at least one scholarly article. (The scholarly

article can be from a database, thus also fulfilling one database source requirement.)
b. Each source must be properly cited according to APA documentation style. The log will be turned in with your paper.
2. Do research to examine your question, problem or issue from a variety of perspectives.
3. Write an exploratory paper of 850-1000 words and present it according to the format guidelines in your syllabus.
4. In your paper explain your chosen question, problem or issue and why you are interested in it and have not, as yet, reached a satisfactory answer or position (your

starting point).
5. Write a first-person, chronologically organized, narrative account of your thinking process as you did your research. Do not simply report on what you found, but

show evidence of a dialectic process in which you think about what you are learning. Analyze what you are learning, compare and contrast new information with

previously learned information, question discrepancies, notice new questions that arise, synthesize ideas by reflecting on information learned from various sources,

assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of various points of view, ‘talk back’ to your sources, decide what you need to
do next. It is not necessary to arrive at a satisfactory answer, but you must show how your thinking has evolved.
6. Use appropriate APA documentation style for in-text citations.

The third part of this assignment is actually due before the first two assignments.

Post a short report on your research thus far and include (at a minimum):

a statement of your research question
at least two differing points of view on some aspect of your question
the most interesting or surprising thing you have learned so far in your research
a question for the rest of the class to answer, concerning some aspect of your research question

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