2 year plan

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c) c) For each of the Six Weighting Factors, provide quantified financial objectives for Years 5-6. State ?how much? and ?when? for each objective so that the results for Years 5-6 can be measured unambiguously. For example: Net Income: $5,000,000 for Year 5 and $8,000,000 for Year 6; Stock Price $15.00 at the end of Year 5 and $25.00 at the end of Year 6.)
4) STRATEGIES ? State the mission and broad strategies for your firm. Discuss the functional strategies for marketing, operations, and finance. Marketing strategies include price, advertising, salary, commission, hiring, new product models, quality, and features. Financial strategies include dividends, CDs, issuance/repurchase of shares and bonds. Operations strategies include R&D, training, and assumptions behind the production plan (overtime, second shift, number of lines, safety stock). An effective strategy is quantified and guides decision-making. Discuss decision-making models or processes used by your team members to make decisions.

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