3-5 pages, double spaced

3-5 pages, double spaced
Minimum of 2 sources
Must select from the syllabus list and cannot be topic used before
Must narrow your topic to a specific geographical area
Specific Target Audience: President Obama
Discuss Proposal , Annotated Bibliography , population and pollution

Why do Hindus pee, worship, throw industrial and religious waste, bathe and drink in the same river water? Especially in India
yes our river ganga has coliform killing bacteria…but why dirty the river and cause diseases? Its not like they aren’t. I don’t understand why do we Indians need to learn the rules of sanitation from some shi#%y celebrity folks?
india is corrupt, not only politically, but also in relation to religion. There is speech of guaranteeing human place next to the gods through the rituals – e.g. throwing the bodies and ashes on the river. For hundreds years they have been following those customs, they would not stopping doing it in a couple decades. It is like they do not see anything beyond the religion, and of course there are economic interests in it. Moreover, agreements between business and politicians, together with the lack of Government’s will make it difficult even for those 2% or 3% interested in helping to recover the river.

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