4th optional module no 11

Topic: 4th optional module no 11

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1- all document must be in Microsoft word 1997-2003.
2-document must be saved with a file name and my name
example:( module 2 Mohammed Alzahrani)
3-insert header and footer to have my name and module no. 4-number pages. 5- set margins to 1.0 -1.2 inches.
6- double space the paper. 7-use either time new Roman 12or Arial 12 font. 8-module must be no longer than 20 pages double spaced responses should be succinct and complete.
1- every page should be labelled with my name and module no.
2-each answer should begin with the question.
3-answer should:
a-answer question using the reading.
b- include any outside reference that you used.
c- opinion can be included if it is relevant and concise.
d summarize or provide a conclusion.
e-must demonstrate integration of knowledge to sudia arabia area .
original idea welcome.
attachment module question and reference reading
Mohammed Alzahrani
Saudia Arabia

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