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Here you will actually put together all you have done thus far in this week’s course of study – you
will write the outline of a message, modeling the basics of sermon design. This is intended to
give the student practical experience is actually putting all the components of a sermon together
in such a way that the student will have a message ready to share at the appropriate time.

Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:
??Write the outline of a message modeling the basics of sermon design.

??Textbook: The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching
??6.1a PowerPoint: Unit 6 Sample Layout of a Message
??Any other sources previously used in this unit

You have reviewed the scriptures for a passage you feel the need to share. You have done good
study, mining out from the text 3-5 points. You have also found corresponding illustrations to
help your audience connect with the points you wish to make about the text. Now it is time to
put your message down in written, outline form, in an understandable, concise way, for you to
then get up and share with your listeners.
It goes without saying that not all outlines will look alike. As you gain experience in Gospel
communication, you will find your own style and habits you are most comfortable with. That
said, you need to have something in hand, or on the laptop screen, that you can share with your
listening audience. In this last part of Unit 6, we put it all together for delivery.

1. In a Word document of some 2-4 pages, put together, in sequential order, an outline for
the text you have selected.
a. You may wish to follow the brief outline that was suggested in the Unit 6 PowerPoint.
b. Make sure your outline includes the following: The title of the sermon
d. The biblical text the sermon is taken from
e. Your name
f. The date
g. Some kind of introductory material to the sermon
h. The main points of the sermon, drawn from the study of the text
i. Some kind of conclusion to the sermon, with an appropriate challenge given to your listeners.
2. As an alternative, you may wish to do this in the form of a PowerPoint, which you then might actually preach from in front of your audience.
3. Submit in Word document.

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