a cogent statement to waive course

I want waive this course:Finance for Marketing Decisions. Because I have lots finance course in my undergraduate degree. The attachments are my syllabus that I already have. And The grade BUS 3400 A- ECN5600A FIN 4300 A- Please combine what I have learned these three classes that make me eligible to waive Finance for Marketing Decisions class. This class description:The course covers the basic metrics, terminology, methodology, and formulas for calculating all aspects of planning, managing, and analyzing marketing programs. Students will learn how to develop a marketing Profit and Loss (P&L) projection, how to analyze the P&L for the key variables that can increase marketing success, and how to manage marketing programs in order to set and achieve financial goals. They will learn how to develop Breakeven analysis for new-product launch and for customer acquisition, how to compute and analyze the Marketing Allowable for a campaign in direct or digital media, how to apply the elements of Breakeven and Marketing Allowable to developing the marketing budget and targeting such key metrics as Cost Per Inquiry, Cost Per Response or Order, Cost Per Click Through, and Targeted Response Rate. In addition, they will learn to develop a Customer Life Time Value model to project the value of relationship marketing, relative to Net Present Value (NPV) and CLTV. By studying the best practices of direct marketing, they will understand how to plan measurable marketing campaigns and how to set the criteria for success, as well as how to apply those metrics to direct and digital media, including e-commerce Websites. Also do not just copy my syllabus and course description think the relationship between of them. Make a cogent statement and you may make up the project I have done during the course of three that related to.

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