A Comparison of Quality and Business Excellence program in the World

A Comparison of Quality and Business Excellence program in the WorldOrder Description
Article link:https://www.unimep.br/phpg/editora/revistaspdf/rct25art04.pdf

Provide a narrative summary in your own words of the article. As with all summaries, yours should offer an overview of the paper in a way to help anyone who reads it to understand what it is all about without having to read it himself/herself.

Identify the key learning points in the read and analyze assigned activity. With key learning points, we mean the key ideas or concepts that are addressed in the document at hand.
A list of keywords is not sufficient. Two articles may be very similar in their list of keywords (example: TQM and employee satisfaction) however they may have totally different if not opposing key learning points (one addresses how TQM leads to better employee satisfaction, while the other targets the impact of employee satisfaction levels on the implementation of TQM in a given company).

While you are reading, identify the relevant concepts to the session/s and insert them in the following space. Please do not limit yourself to specific quotes, rather try to extract the ideas from the article that relate to the topics and issues discussed in our sessions, and list them in your own words.

This is the most important section in your analysis. To complete it successfully, learner is to consider the following guiding steps:
Present arguments coherently, supported by evidence and facts to substantiate on why you may take a particular stance and/ or position towards a particular approach whether against or in support of it;
Capable of bridging the gap between the theory and conceptual work with the application under consideration.
In other words, offer your critical analysis, assessment and evaluation of the different ideas or arguments presented in the document while offering a argument in support of your position

How could you apply the subject matter from the article in a real business case?
This may be related to your own work environment, but does not have to.

6.LEARNING REFLECTIONS What have you learnt? Critical thinking is about lessons learnt to be drawn from the analysis.

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