A deep research of the book: Media: From Chaos to Clarity

A deep research of the book: Media: From Chaos to Clarity

Topic: Can You Make Sense Out of Chaos?

The Five Macro Forces represent an attempt to explain the seismic shifts in the Media Ecosystem.  They are not yet proven: time and research will confirm/refute each/all of these Truths.

  1. What is your pov? Do you believe the media is best explained as an integrated ecosystem?  Or, do you believe that technologies emerge independent of other platforms that currently exist?
  2. To what extent do you agree/disagree with the Five Macro Forces? What makes intuitive sense?  What elements of the framework are you questioning?  Do you firmly disagree with anything stated?  If so, how would you explain changes in the media?
  3. Now, think about research in the marketplace. Are we asking the right questions? What bodies of research have you recently seen/discussed that are topically aligned with the issues/opportunities raised by the Five Macro Forces?  For example:  Nielsen’s “Cross-Platform Report” is getting at the heart of Symbiosis.  What other studies are in place that point to the Macro Forces?  Conversely, are you concerned that we are asking old, “Newtonian” questions in a new media world?




* This is an “opinion” paper: NOT a research paper.  Please focus on forming an informed point of view rather than loading a paper with facts, statistics and the thoughts of others. External citations (if used at all) should be kept to an absolute minimum. However, If used, they should be properly acknowledged with footnotes and a formal bibliography (either Chicago Style or APA will be accepted).

* Please be brief. Think of this as an Op Ed essay as opposed to a Masters Thesis. Author should be able to express their point of view in a maximum of five pages (12pt font, double-spaced).  Even if a module has several questions to consider, the intention is to use these questions to form a “Big Picture” point of view on the subject matter as opposed to individual responses to each prompt.

Please ensure that your final product is structurally and grammatically sound and free of any spelling, and punctuation errors.

The paper will be evaluated based upon three primary criteria: a) was the author able to express a strong point of view on subject matter that has no clear pathway forward?  b) was the author able to integrate concepts from the materials into their rationale? and c) did the author’s point of view reflect the basic principles and beliefs of IMC Integrated Marketing Communication?





Must gain full knowledge of the five macros from the book (e-book attached)

Franks, J.U. (2011). Media: From Chaos to Clarity. Evanston, IL: The Marketing Democracy. [ISBN-13: 978-0983466215]





Personal short definitions for the 5 macros, but this is not enough and might not be 100% correct, please research in detail of the 5 macros mentioned from the e-book attached (Franks, J.U. (2011). Media: From Chaos to Clarity. Evanston, IL: The Marketing Democracy. [ISBN-13: 978-0983466215])

  1. Convergence: Media is becoming strikingly similar and is interconnecting and converging through some sort of digital interface. Consumers now have multiple platforms to access the contents[1].
  2. Symbiosis: Different media platforms create mutual benefits to thrive and survive in daily lives. It in return deepens customers’ engagement.
  3. Circuits: Consumers can share content and articulate themselves from any media on any platforms because content flows across each medium.
  4. Brands: Given the vast explosion in media channels, media can no longer survive based solely on their functional capabilities. Media is becoming a commodity and needs to stand out from others by offering clear promises to trigger customer loyalty.
  5. Content Economics: Nothing’s sustainable if it’s free. Contents aggregate consumers and they are willing to pay more for quality, valuable and trustworthy content.
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