a mock witness interview

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ntroduction: For this week’s lab, we’re going to reinforce the module learning outcomes by generating an interview
report and a search warrant affidavit. Reading the corresponding sections of the textbook will help you
understand how to complete this assignment and provide you some context regarding how interviews and
searches relate to the overall investigative process.
This assignment fulfills/supports:
Module Outcomes 1?3: You will have understood relevant U.S. Supreme Court precedents relating to police
searches and confessions; prepared reports documenting results of interviews; and prepared a search addidavit.
Course Outcome 3: You will have been able to prepare written reports.
General Education Competency 1: You will have communicated effectively using the conventions of American
Standard English in professional and academic environments.
Instructions: I have attached a video in addition to the following instruction in an effort to help ensure you have a
good understanding of the assignment. The video is named “Module 3 Instructions.”
First, you will review your mock criminal investigation that we have been working with over the past two weeks.
Review the following video of a mock witness interview. Based on the information provided, generate an interview
report (you can use the sample attachment? I provided both a blank form as well as an example). You will write
this as though you are the investigator and are reporting what the witness has told you. Download this form
Witness Statement report.rtf , which opens in a separate window, then save the file as a different name. Once you
complete the report, attach the file to this submission link.
2. Next, you will generate a search warrant affidavit based on this inform??????ation. Use this form as the
affidavit: search.warrant.affidavit.format.rtf (file opens in a separate window) . Open the form and download it to
your computer saving it with a different file name. Then complete the form. I provided instructions on the form to
help you with the process. You must include sufficient details (in other words, be thorough!) to enable the judge to
approve your search warrant? you must specify your probable cause, which is the evidence supporting why you
believe a crime was committed and why you think evidence of the crime is located in the premises requested to be
searched. You can learn more about the search warrant process by reading pages 147?152 in your text. Once
you complete the form, you will attach it to this submission link.
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