a textual analysis

This essay will require you to conduct a textual analysis. Review at least one of the television show episodes provided in the “Conducting a Textual Analysis: Part II” presentation available on the Assignments page. Write an essay that responds to the following question/topic: What comment do you think the television show episode is trying to make you think, feel or believe?  For you essay, please also do the following:
1. Write an essay about the topic discussed above. Give the essay 1,000 to 1,500 counting from the first word in the first paragraph to the last word in the last paragraph.

2. Type the essay using MS Word or save the file as a “Word” or Microsoft Word file.

3. Use proper grammar, punctuation, etc.

4. Format your document according to the “Formatting Your Documents for ENG 111” instructions available at the bottom of the Assignments page in Blackboard.

5. Give the essay an introduction that provides a summary of the text. See “Conducting a Textual Analysis: Part I” presentation.

  • Give the essay a thesis statement at the end of the introduction that clearly defines your essay’s argument.

6. Provide the essay with a body made up of paragraphs that follow the organizational pattern described in the “Conducting a Textual Analysis: Part II” presentation.

  • Describe scenes from the television show and/or provide quotations from the television show as support for the argument with your essay’s body paragraphs.
  • See the section “Study how the text works” on page 74 in your textbook to give you some ideas about what you can analyze or describe from the film to help you support your thesis statement. But, you may analyze any elements (scenes, characters’ behavior, events, or other things you notice) of the film to help you support your essay. But, remember, this is a brief essay, so don’t try to analyze too many things; think about the word limit and your ability to analyze a visual.

7. Conclude the essay using a standard method for concluding essays discussed within the “Conducting a Textual Analysis: Part II” presentation.

8. Give the essay a title according to your textbook or the link with the “Resources” section of the Assignments page.

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