ABC analysis

Respond with approximately 250 words.


Chapter 8

  • Discuss what is meant by ABC analysis of inventory. What are several measures that can determine ABC status?


  • Define what is meant by inventory carrying costs and list its primary components. What are ordering costs and what is the trade-off between inventory carrying costs and ordering costs?


  • How do the consequences of JIT go far beyond inventory management?


Chapter 10

  • What is OSHA’s role in warehousing safety? What is a hazardous material? What design elements should be considered when storing hazardous materials?


  • Why does warehousing exist in a supply chain? Discuss the disadvantages to public warehousing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of private warehousing? Discuss why contract warehousing is a preferred alternative for many organizations.

Chapter 11


  • How do product characteristics influence packaging and materials handling considerations? What are the three general functions of packaging? How might they come into conflict? What information is needed to design a protective package properly?


  • Of the 10 materials handling principles discussed in the chapter, which two are most surprising to you? Why? Why is it important that materials handling be aligned with an organization’s objectives, customers, and products?


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