about a service experience that you recently had

In this assignment, you are asked to write about a service experience that you recently had. This service experience can be anything such as going to a restaurant, visiting a retail store (e.g. Walmart, Buckle, etc), or having some other service completed (e.g. hair cut, dry cleaning, doctor’s appointment, etc.).
After your experience, you must write 1 page, single spaced, paper. This paper should use full, complete sentences rather than bullet points. In the paper, you must:
Describe the service experience (include location, time, date, and basic description of what you experienced)
Describe the service experience based on the RATER method. This method is described in Chapter 12 in both the textbook and PowerPoint slides. This section has two requirements:
Make sure you define each component – If you copy the definition from either the textbook or PowerPoint, please use quotations or it will be considered plagiarism.
Explain how you evaluated the service experience based on that component. Use specific examples from your service experience as proof.
the powerpoint is attched

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