achieving organizational success

achieving organizational successOrder Description
Management Principle Assignment
Task 1

Assess the significance of managers in achieving organizational success, for a company of your own choice.
450 words
Task 2

Compare and contrast organic and mechanistic organization.

450 words
Task 3

Describe the process that can help a company of your own choice to formulate its corporate strategy.
450 words

Task 4
What do you understand by the term “organizational culture”? Suggest how a company can create an innovative culture.
450 words
• Cover page and table of contents are required
• Report introduction and conclusion should be very brief
• Overlapping and mixing up answers of different tasks should be avoided; clear tasks/question numbers or headings must be provided
• Reference list/Bibliography and table of contents should not be included in the word count
• Word count for each task should be proportionate to the marks allocated to each task

Clear demonstration of rigorous research from recognised authoritative sources. Audience focus.

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