adolescent development

Topic Paper Instructions Choose a topic that is of personal interest and is relevant to adolescent development (suggested topics provided below). Write an informativepaper that explores that topic and incorporates research to support your information. You must have at least 5 scholarly sources which include: books, a minimum of 3
journal articles, and a maximum of 2 internet sites. Your paper must have 3–5 pages of content not including the title page, abstract, and reference page. ? Write in
current APA format, double-spaced with 1-inch margins, and Times New Roman 12-point font. Include a page header with page numbers. ? Your organization of this paper
must be as follows: Title Page1 page Abstract120–150 words (1 page) Introduction1–2 paragraphs Summary3–4 pages Origin of Issue Statistics and Facts Possible Solutions
Christian Worldview of Issue Conclusion2–4 paragraphs Reference Page 1 page This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7. ? Suggested Topics
Abortion Peer pressure Juvenile delinquency Suicide Underage drinking ADHD STDs Bulimia Blended families Emotional development Sexual abuse Self-esteem Gender
differences Personality traits Violence in schools Cliques Test anxiety Grief Self mutilation Learning disabilities Obesity Body image Smoking Parental styles
Emotional intelligence Social development School failure Friendships Substance abuse Alcohol abuse Aggression Drunk Driving Gangs Anorexia Nervosa Divorce Physical
development Moral development Ethnicity Homosexuality Dating Violence in media Shyness Topic Paper Grading Rubric Criteria Points Possible Points Earned Title Page 0
to 10 points Title page is formatted correctly according to current APA format: Running head “label” included. Page number included. Running head in all capital
letters. Title centered and correctly capitalized. Author’s name presented correctly. Institution affiliation presented correctly. Abstract 0 to 10 points Abstract is
formatted correctly according to current APA format: Abstract page is located in the correct place in the paper. Abstract is 250 words or less. Heading and
justification of text adhere to current APA format. Abstract provides a brief, but comprehensive, summary of the entire paper. Content 0 to 50 points Paper includes an
appropriate and well thought out introduction and conclusion. Author makes meaningful and appropriate use of source material. Paper provides a comprehensive and
coherent summary of the research on the chosen topic. All sources of information described in the body of the paper MUST be cited correctly in current APA format, and
the sources listed on the references page must match the sources cited in the body of the paper. Body of the paper is 3–5 pages of text. (This does not include the
title, abstract or references pages). Current APA Format 0 to 15 points Assignment uses both the scholarly writing style and the formatting guidelines specified by
current APA format. Paper is typed and double-spaced using 1″ margins. Paper uses Times New Roman 12-point font. Writing Style 0 to 20 points Assignment utilizes
appropriate grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Sentences are clear and well-written. Content is well-organized. References Page 0 to 15 points References are
formatted correctly in current APA format. Sources on references page match sources cited in paper. At least 5 references are listed (at least 3 scholarly journal
articles and no more than 2 internet sites). Total Instructor’s Comments:

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