Agenda Setting Theory

Paper details
Used the assigned Communication Theory to Explain a Communication scenario,

Content: Organize the paper into the fallowing Clearly defined sections, use titles to identity the sections:

1 Introduction:
1.1 develop interest in the topic or issue (provide the reader with motivation to read
the paper.)
1.2 Preview what you’ll do in the paper.
2. Description of Theory:
2.1 Name, Define, and describe the major constructs or variables. Provide examples
as needed.
2.2.Describe how the variables relate to one another , show how the theory works. if
the theory contains major theoretic propositions, state them. provide examples as
3.Practical Application-The purpose of this section is for you to demonstrate how variables and processes from the theory can be used to explain your communication scenario. You should explain as much of the episode as is possible using the theory.
3.1 what behaviors in the scenario will you explain?
3.2 what variables and /or processes from the theory will you use to explain the
behaviors you’ve identified?
4. Conclusion:
4.1 How well does the theory explain?
4.2 How could the theory be extended, refined, or otherwise improved?
4.3 Final thoughts you want the reader to have of the theory.

Writing: The paper should demonstrate your ability to express ideas using your own words. Use normal paragraphs and complete sentences. There may be times when you want to quote the exact language of the textbook or the author of the theory. for the most part. However, the paper should illustrate your ability to write as well as demonstrate how thoroughly you understand the theory.

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