Alexander McQueen

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write a literature review about Alexander McQueen.
About his biography, style, runway shows and how his designs differ before and after his death.

The Literature Review (1200-1500 words)


The main objective of the literature review is to present an overview of the research status related to the main claim/statement/problem of your thesis. You have to be able to provide the intellectual context for your own work. enabling you to position your project relative to the work of other scholars. In order to achieve this goal your literature has to include the following:

1. Identify information and ideas that may be relevant to your project

2. Acknowledge other people that made an important contribution in the field

3. Identify methods that could be relevant to your project

4. Present related publications in a logical manner, e.g. by identifying opposing

views or synthesizing results into a summary of what is and is not known

5. Identify areas of controversy in the literature

6. Identify original publications in your area

7. Identify gaps in the literature presenting this as a possible area where you will contribute with your thesis
8. State how you are going to continue from the point that others have already reached e.g. by formulating questions that need further researched

You need to avoid…

1. Reinventing the wheel. Any resources that give you the necessary background knowledge on the broader subject related to your thesis does not belong in the literature review.
2. Presenting a sheer summary of every related publication in a linear/paratactic order.

3. State how much benefit you have gained by reading a related publication

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