American history

The Essay Question will require a comprehensive analysis of the question being asked. Any of the topics below may turn into the Essay Question.

Here are the most likely topics that the lecture-based questions will be based upon:

1  French Revolution, Reign of Terror and American Reaction to Genet’s request for alliance.

2  Quazi War, XYZ Affair, Barbary War.

3  War of 1812 (why, results, American traditions/nationalism that resulted from it & connection to the beginning of manufacturing in the N.E.

4  The main point of the Monroe Doctrine and why it was issued.

5  Indian Removal Act. Legality per the Supreme Court. The result of the act upon the Cherokee.

6  The ‘Missouri Compromise.

7  ‘Manifest Destiny.’ How Manifest Destiny (or the belief in it) contributed to the Mexican American War, Indian Removal & debates on creating slave vs. free states (Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850 and even the Civil War).

8  Age of Jackson, Banks, Nullification Crisis, Trail of Tears.

9  Mexico vs Texas 1836 (Sam Houston, Crockett, Santa Ana, Bowie, reasons for rebellion, etc).

10           The U.S. vs Mexico 1840’s: how the war started, how it ended, consequences of the war.

11           Arguments used by Southerners to defend the institution of slavery in the pre-­‐Civil War era. (Hint: answers might be from the writings of Fitzhugh and the arguments of Stephen Douglass from the Lincoln-­Douglass Debates, as discussed in class).

12           How did Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin help make people ‘on the fence’ about slavery become more anti-­‐slavery? (Hints: What is the story, how was the book received around the world?

13           The Dred Scott Decision.

14           How did Winfield Scott’s Anaconda Plan propose to end the Civil War (What was the Union strategy?).

15           The strategic importance of the Union Victory at the Battle of New Orleans.

16           The Battle of Gettysburg marked a turning point in the Civil War. What was it? (Must know the details of the battle to get the question right. Pickett’s Charge is important too).

17           What was the world-­‐wide importance of the battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia?

18           The particulars of the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, including: who it actually emancipated, and the main political reasons it was issued by Lincoln (hint: how was this proclamation supposed to help the Northern war effort against the South, and what did it do for supporters of the war in the North?)

Reconstruction (especially in reference to efforts for Civil Rights).

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