Analytical Memo

Analytical Memo #1 – 33 possible points
Spring 2017
You have graduated with an International Studies degree and are looking for your first job. You are a final candidate for 3 different advocacy and lobbying organizations that represent each of the 3 IPE perspectives. Each has asked you to write a 1-2 page typewritten sample article for their organizational publications:
• The Mercantilist/Realist Times
• The Classical-Liberal Gazette
• The Marxist/Structuralist Post

They have asked you for a writing sample that demonstrates your ability to analyze events and issues from their IPE paradigm. Each has asked you for a written analysis of U.S. President Trump’s policy agenda. You will write a separate analysis for each publication (on separate pages, with different titles aimed at the organization’s readers) that addresses the following:

A) What Trump policies are consistent with or supportive of the IPE paradigm?
B) What Trump policies are inconsistent with or in opposition to the IPE paradigm of each?

You should include analysis of at least two different policy positions for each article.

Refer to at least two sources for each, documenting sources:
• At least one of the following sources:
• An outside reading of your choice, citing source, author, date, title (that means you need to find at least 3 outside readings)

Try to find the best statements that typify or exemplify the paradigm. This will probably mean quoting from more than one source (the website or outside article) for each perspective. Your final product will be 3 individual reports, one to each publication.

• Three (3) memos, one addressed to each organization:
o The Mercantilist/Realist Times (M/R)
o The Classical-Liberal Gazette (C-L)
o The Marxist/Structuralist Post (M/S)
• Each of the 3 memos should be one or two (1-2) double-spaced, typewritten page for your response (10 -12 point font, 1” margins)
• Each memo must contain at least one (1) quote from outside readings to justify your argument for defining and clarifying each perspective. Please include author, title, date, and source of each quote from assigned readings. This means that you are required to quote directly from readings and articles.
• Each memo should demonstrate a convincing interpretation/analysis that demonstrates sophisticated knowledge of the readings and course materials.
• Date due: Monday, May 1, at the beginning of class. Late memos will be penalized 4 points for the first day late and 1 point for each day thereafter. No memos will be accepted after May 4.

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