Analyze recent best practices for employee retention

Assignment: Required Assignment -Motivating Staff
An important aspect of talent management is identifying and rewarding quality employees. There are many methods to recognize and retain these ideal workers.


In this assignment, you will research and discuss new ways for a technology firm to help motivate and retain its current employees.

Using the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet, research best practices and innovative methods of increasing employee morale and retention. Select approximately 6-8 scholarly sources for use in this assignment.


You work in the HR department of a large and successful technology company. The firm has been the market leader of the industry for years and potential employees seek the prestige of working for the company. Due to a recent staff reorganization, many current employees are now unfulfilled and some are even seeking employment with the firm’s biggest competitor. You have been assigned the task of researching new ideas so that a plan can be developed to increase employee morale and retention.


Prepare a report in which you describe current best practices for employee retention, illustrate how they could benefit this organization, and provide strategies on how to incorporate these practices within the company. Further, you will need to provide an outline of how to successfully execute a staff reorganization should it need to be performed again in the future.

Your document should specifically address the following:

  • Research and analyze recent best practices for employee retention within the technology industry.
  • Identify methods to assess compensation amounts for multiple positions.
  • Evaluate successful training and career development plans.
  • Analyze current methods of employee motivation within the technology industry.
  • Outline the procedure for the incorporation of these new plans. Explain how your plans support the company’s overall goal to prevail as the market leader.
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