Analyze your organization in terms of structure, power

Analyze your organization in terms of structure, powerAnalyze your organization in terms of structure, power, culture, change management, teamwork, collaboration, and motivation. Reflect on what your organization does well and where it may be lacking. Apply what you have learned throughout the course to answer each of the questions below. Prepare a 7-10 page response that fully addresses each of the questions below. A page is considered 300 words. The paper will also include a title page, reference page and follow APA format.

Provide an overview of your organization including organizational structure.
Discuss the role of power within your organization.
Discuss the power distribution within your organization.
Who has power and what type?
How could you improve your power within the organization?
Analyze the organizational culture of your organization.
Describe the organizational culture including assumptions, values, artifacts, dimensions, etc.
What are the strengths of this culture? The weaknesses?
How does this culture contribute to organizational effectiveness or ineffectiveness?
What suggestions do you for making the organizational culture more conducive to organizational success?
How does your organization respond to change?
Do people resist change? Does the organization embrace change?
Has change been effectively executed in the past?
What improvements or changes could be implemented to help your organization better embrace change?
Assess the teamwork in this organization.
How are teams utilized? How well do teams function?
Are teams effective at accomplishing goals and deliverables?
How could teamwork be improved to ensure effective outcomes?
Analyze your organization in terms of competition and collaboration.
Do employees/departments tend to collaborate or is there a competitive atmosphere where employees/departments are pitted against one another?
What factor(s) create competition in the organization? Or what factor(s) create collaboration in the organization?
How well is your organization doing at motivating employees? Discuss how employees are motivated.
What improvement or changes could improve organizational collaboration?
What improvements or changes could better motivate employees and increase overall satisfaction?
Provide a final summary of the areas that your organization excels in and the areas you feel your organization could benefit from improving the most.

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