Analyzing the History of Spaceflight: From Sputnik to SpaceX

This is a research paper so it needs to be written as such. Specifically it is an assessment of the history of manned space flight. There are certain “Program Outcomes” that all need to be addressed. These program outcomes are in the syllabus that will be sent, and are also in the proposal. Please stay as close to the proposal topics as possible or this will not be accepted by the school (Embry Riddle). Also there was a requirement of 4-6 pages of sources and at least 5 figures, preferably some with regards to orbital mechanics.

My proposal will describe the topics that need to be covered. The paper template will be included for proper format. Please see the syllabus and policy guide for great instructions. Also see the example paper for additional aid. Some requirements have changed since the example paper was completed so watch out for that.

My Degree will be a B.S. in AERONAUTICS

I will include:
My Proposal
The Research Paper Template
The Syllabus
The Capstone Course Policy Guide
An Example Research Paper

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