Analyzing the scenario and addressing the entire checklist

Listen to the Podcast:
After reviewing the podcast, write an essay analyzing the scenario and addressing the entire checklist items below in a minimum of 2 pages [500 words] plus title and reference page using APA format and citation style. Indicate the issues with the customer and the CSR in this podcast scenario.

Specifically address the following items in your analysis:


Write an essay thoroughly analyzing the problems involved in this in-person encounter between the CSR and the customer.

Analyze and explain what the CSR did wrong and what they should have done. Use the CSR skills list (below)* to address the situation.

Discuss what you would do if you were the CSR’s supervisor to ensure that this situation did not happen again.

Include one-two short quotes from either your textbook or a scholarly journal article from KU Online Library located in the home area of your course, to support your viewpoint. Make sure your citation(s) have an accompanying APA reference on the reference page.

Use complete sentences in Standard American English, with correct grammar and spelling. Ensure that your analysis is logical, well-ordered, and insightful with each paragraph consisting of at least 3 – 4 sentences. Use APA format and citation style and respond in a minimum of 2 pages (i.e. 500 words) with an additional title and reference page.

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