anything about Media Ethics, like tv show, movies, game ect

anything about Media Ethics, like tv show, movies, game ect
Topic: anything relates to Media Ethics, could be a movie, TV show, game etc.

Prison Break TV show
• Length (7-8 pages with Bibliography, 6-7 sources,).

• Try to write in the third person whenever possible. For the most part you will be presenting facts. Although, for debate papers you will be arguing a certain point of view and it may therefore be appropriate to use “I” now and then, avoid repeated use of the first person.
• Avoid clichés. (“the bottom line”, “at the end of the day”, “all in all” etc.)
• Avoid slang and informal terms of expression. (“Well, …”, “It was like, we went…”)
• Avoid rhetoric. (“How should I interpret these results?”, “I asked myself – What do people think about global warming?”)
• When you use equations in your paper, make sure that every symbol in the equation is explained. Number equations sequentially for easy referencing.

Grammar and spelling
• Don’t rely on the spelling checker to find all your spelling errors. You must also read through you document to check that “their”, “there” and “they’re”, for example, are correctly used.
• Read and re-read your manuscript. Edit it more than once or twice. Avoid the repetitious use of the same word in a sentence or a paragraph. Edit away all redundancies. I do not want to read the same information over and over again, simply expressed in a slightly different way each time. Remove unnecessary words. Be clear and succinct.

• Cite articles by author(s) and year within your text. If there is a single author, the last name and year will suffice – e.g. (Hutchinson, 1995). If there are two authors, include both names and the year of the publication – e.g. (Hutchinson and Osborne, 1978). For more than two authors, use the first author with et al. – e.g. (Hutchinson et al., 1984).
• Include the list of references at the end of your paper. Do not include references you have read but not cited. List the references alphabetically by the first author’s last name.

Apply Semiotics (class terms):
The Saussurean model
– Signifier
– Signified concept
– The relational system

The Peircean model
– symbolic mode
– iconic mode
– indexical mode
– denotation and connotation
-intertextuality – intratextuality

(The book “The Basic Semiotics” is uploaded on Moodle).

Apply Ethical Theories: ( 3 main theories and 3-4 Subtheories out of 12. The book “Controversies in Media Ethics, Chapter 1 is uploaded on Moodle).






Cultural Relativism


Religious and etc.

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