Application of Sociological Theories of crime

Paper details:
The paper should be at least one page in length the and use careful application of Sociological theories of the
to the bellow scenario.
A nineteen year old with seven previous assault charges is charged after an argument with his probation officer
escalated, r??????esulting in an altercation with the officer. The argument began when the probation officer
misused a slang word that the offender took as an insult.
For one of the above scenarios, address the following:
? Identify which sociological theories (one from Chapter 4 and one from Chapter 5) best capture the line of
thinking/motives of the offender, and explain your rationale.
? Explain to your offender one limitation of their line of thinking (i.e. One point you would argue to show them
that their theoretical approach might be flawed.)
? Finally, anticipate how the offender, based on theoretical perspective, would reply to your attempts to
rehabilitate his behavior.

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