applied research paper

Assignment Overview:________________________________________
During the final two weeks of class (weeks 5 – 6), you will be writing an applied research paper. The purpose of this paper is to show your understanding of key topics within the course through the application of the concept to a real world challenge or opportunity. You will choose the topic of the paper and you will be responsible for identifying an environment to which you can apply your research. For this assignment, you will identify your chosen topic, you will identify some initial research sources, and you will describe the environment to which you can apply your research.
The final paper, which will be due at the end of Week 6, will meet the following requirements:
12 – 15 pages in length (not including title page)
A minimum of 6 peer reviewed sources
A title page (does not count toward page count above)
Double spaced, new times roman, 12 point font
A works cited page or footnotes (if footnotes are used, then footnotes should be times new roman 10 point font)
Direct quotes should account for no more than 15 percent of paper (i.e. use direct quotes sparingly)
Make good use of headers and sections for clear description of paper section
Papers that include an Executive Summary and Table of Contents (not counted towards 12 – 15 page length requirement) are more likely to earn an ‘A’ grade
Paper should have three clear sections: 1) description of problem & environment; 2) presentation of topic and research; 3) application of research to environment with particular attention given to how it solves key challenges or creates opportunities.
Section 1–should be approx. 2 – 3 pages (20% of paper)
Section 2–should be approx. 5 – 6 pages (40% of paper)
Section 3–should be approx. 5 – 6 pages (40% of paper)
The final paper will be due at the end of Week 6
Week 4B Assignment Instructions: This is what you will submit this week.
For this assignment, you will prepare a 1 to 2 page paper that identifies includes the following sections and topics:
A description of the topic you wish to write about and an explanation of why you chose the topic. It must relate to an area of quality within the project environment. This link must be explicit in your proposal.
A list of some preliminary research sources you intend to use (use the library database or PMI database to locate information). You will want to include a minimum of 4 peer reviewed sources (not websites) and their relevance to your research (i.e. why you want to use them).
A description of the project environment you will be applying your research to. This could be your workplace; it could be a past workplace; it could be a case study you discovered or researched, or it could be a project you read about in the news. It must be a realistic and real-world environment.
All work must be original to you and must not have been used or submitted in a previous class or section of this class.

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