apply risk management to recommend performance improvement

Apply risk management to recommend performance improvement.

The aim of the assessment is to identify, analyse and evaluate the level of injury/incident risk in an industry type or group,and,recommend improvements.
To complete this assessment you should:
• Review and describe the safety performance related to a high priority industry (i.e. as identified by Safe Work Australia2012-22strategy) of your choice.
• Review and critique published literature (i.e. approximately twelve
(12) Reports, articles or papers) on risk management processes applicable to the improvement of safety performance in your chosen industry.
• In response to your review develop recommendations for the improvement of your industry’s safety performance using the elements of risk management from AS NZS ISO31000.

Your assignment should be presented as an academic report.
Your report will be marked and graded based on your ability to conduct research, critically analyse and communicate your findings at a level suitable for postgraduate level of study at university.
A marking rubric/guide will be provided on Blackboard as a guide to how you will be graded and marked.

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