Applying Psychological Concepts

Applying Psychological Concepts Paper
Applying Psychological Concepts Paper


Consider the problem of poverty in the United States. Respond to the prompt below, making sure to support your statements with information you have found using at least four (4) scholarly sources (such as the library databases, your textbook, or peer-reviewed sources on Google Scholar–NOT Wikipedia,, etc.). Cite your sources in APA style within the body of the paper as well as with your reference page.

Prompt: Identify and describe at least 2 concepts/theories that may be related to poverty. Talk about how these factors may play a role in poverty and support your statements with research evidence, where necessary.

In answering this question, you may want to consider information from the textbook chapters on motivation and emotion, personality, psychological disorders, social psychology, health, stress and coping, and/or community psychology.

Your final paper should be 3-5 pages in length, typed, double-spaced. Make sure to list your references (sources) at the end of the paper, in addition to citing the sources within the paper itself. Please see attached rubric for the criteria on which you will be graded.

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