Arab life in America

Arab life in America

Final paper
COM103 Final Research Project

Part 3 – Final Research Paper – 61 points

Due May 1, via Moodle

And finally, a 5- to 8-page research paper on the topic you proposed in Part 1 and presented to class in Part 2. The final research paper will be evaluated as follows:


Ideas are specific, thoughtful, and support the main thesis (15 points)
Ideas are well-supported with appropriate evidence (15 points)
Paper is well-organized with effective introduction and conclusion. Ideas proceed logically from point to point, are not repetitive, and include effective transitions between ideas (5 points)
Bibliography and Citations:

Bibliography includes a variety of substantive and scholarly sources (at least six) and only those that are directly referred to in your argument (6 points)
All direct quotes, paraphrases and facts are properly attributed to the original source of the information via bibliography AND internal citations (5 points)
Bibliography is listed in correct MLA or APA format; Your final paper bibliography does not need to be annotated (5 points)

Writing style is clear and fluid, and your paper is free of errors and typos (10 points

My topic is Arab life in America

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