Aracelis Essay

Aracelis EssayEssay Instructions
After watching the following video, which demonstrates the great divide between how the wealth is distributed in this country, and reading chapter 8, please answer the following questions based on what you have learned in the chapter (not simply what they tell you in the video) — the answers are not to be formed based on your personal opinion.
A. Please discuss a minimum of three distinct factors that can lead to such a divide between the top 10% and the rest of the population. You can break this down further by quartiles if you wish — for instance if you want to discuss the bottom quartile for one of your answers you may or discuss the general slide from top to bottom you can as well. The chapter discusses many reasons throughout so please read the entire chapter before you complete this assignment. Please separate your three answers and number them, 1., 2., 3.
B. Then, using what you have learned in the book, please gives me at least two suggestions of what can be done to reduce the gap.
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