ARC 325

ARC 325

Short Essays should be 4 to 6 pages, typed and double-spaced.

The Short Essays are opportunities for you to sum up your insights from class lectures and readings, and integrate those insights with close analyses of visual objects. So, the topic will be a very broad question, but you should include the following in your essay: discussion of general themes and ideas raised in class lectures and in the textbook, reference to specific readings that are relevant to the topic, and the use of visual examples (your choice—the textbook is a good source for these, but you can use other sources as well) to support your points.


The MATERIALS of Architecture. What is architecture made of? How have those materials changed since WWII (Units 5 – 8)? How have these materials affected the way architecture looks and functions?

Remember: a material can be much more than bricks and glass (or titanium and plastic). It can be information, bits, light, air, and so on.

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