Are naps good or bad? What is there impact on cognition?

DescriptionEssay Guidelines:

Create your own topic.
The paper should include a minimum of 6 references with 4 being journal articles from 2000 or recent and the other 2 maybe either books or journals. Any extra adds to the depth of the paper. You must include a photocopy of the first page (abstract page) of each journal article to demonstrate that you have gone to the original source. If this is missing I will not be able to mark your paper.
The references should be from credible Scientific Sources. Do not use encyclopedias, dictionaries, internet, manual, pamplets, your own textbook, popular magazine articles, or psychology today as sources. Also, do not use editorials, book reviews or commentaries from journals. Do Not Use Direct Quotes (You must use your own words).
All cited references in your paper must then be on your reference list (cited as a reference with name and date) in your paper.

Remember: Use Psychinfo without full text checked to search your topics. This will give you an idea of what is really out there. You can always use inter-library loans to get the information. The papers should be “Science Oriented” so you must use proper peer reviewed journals.

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