Arizona Response Structure

Arizona Response Structure

Write a 2050- to 2,800-word critical incident manual that could be provided to responder personnel for use in an incident. Use the Template attached as your example of

format and type of information needed. The professor supplied the template and told us to follow it closely. All areas below must be covered.

Create an incident and command response structure for all emergency or public service agencies in Arizona, such as police, fire, medical, and so forth. Ensure the

minimal components of operations, planning, administration, and logistics are included and fully developed to four levels. Be sure the manual contains all general

information personnel would need for rapid activation and deployment.

Identify specific personnel or positions for each function.

Provide scenario-based training


20 car crash including a tanker truck transporting 5000 gals of Hydrogen Fluoride. The wreak was a chain reaction due to poor visability during a monsoon dust storm.

There are several people hurt and at least 3 fatalities. Cars are on fire and people are trapped.

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