Arsonists and Types of Motives

Arsonists and Types of Motives (4paragraphs in-cite references)

You are the lead investigator for a suspicious fire in the Novandon Fur Warehouse, which was cold storage for mink and sable fur coats. The fire scene investigative

team tells you that the fire started in several points simultaneously, and it appears the telephone line that monitors the fire detection equipment has been cut. The

fire was fully involved by the time the fire department arrived. The warehouse and the contents are a complete loss. You must consider the direction that your

investigators must take to determine the possible motives for this fire. Direct them to look in at least 3 directions for a motive. Keep in mind the type of warehouse

this was.

Concerning the owner of the warehouse, what documentation would you get to help you establish potential motives? Why?
When interviewing the owner of the warehouse, what specific threats might you ask about? Why?
How would the owner’s responses be helpful? Explain.

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