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In your first 5-page paper you will analyze domestic space based on a reading provided to you electronically.
The assigned reading is Beatriz Colomina’s Interior, from her book, Privacy and Publicity: Modern Architecture as Mass Media. The author uses the designs of the Viennese architect, Adolf Loos, to support her thesis.
Begin your paper with a two-page synopsis of Colomina?s article, followed by three pages of analysis of your own space or your family home. Please consider the following points in your discussion: Is a house an envelope of a body with its exterior a mask representing one’s social position, and its interior the soul representing one’s individuality? How do the issues of site (ie how the house is situated on the street), interplay between interior and exterior space (front yard, back yard in relation to interior of house, etc.), interplay between interior spaces room to room (relation of public and private rooms, etc.), arrangement of interior space in terms of furnishings, objects, etc., contribute to the notion of a house as a stage in which people live out their lives in terms of gender and class?

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