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I need one person to do the curator power point in group and writing one page of essay


The You, the Art Curator project is on going, through-out the semester. It is also a group project.

Each group will include a Head Curator, one or two Assistant Curators, a Preparator, and an Education Director.  On the You, the Art Curator resources page, you will find more detailed descriptions for each role.

Over the semester, more detailed instructions follow will come through my announcements and below.


The You, the Art Curator module introduces you to the challenges and joys of being an art curator for a museum named the Talon Museum of Art (TMA).  The TMA is a virtual museum that you and your group mates will fill with artwork. A talon, by the way, is the sharp and long claw of an Eagle, the Houston Community College mascot.

The TMA, as you will see when you open the Powerpoint template, has several smaller galleries located within it.  It will be your job to create exhibitions for the galleries over the semester, with guidance from your professor.  The images you see in any of these topics, LISTEN, CREATE, SEE, TALK, or TRAVEL, or elsewhere, can be entered into the TMA galleries by your group, as long as they are within instructional parameters as prompted by your instructor.

This You, the Art Curator project will satisfy the new state core curriculum assessment objectives of critical thinking, communication, teamwork and social responsibility, as will visual presentations in CREATE and TRAVEL.

How will I know what to do?

I will guide you and your team.  Right now it is important to know you will have to learn to manipulate images and sometimes resize them to work in the Powerpoint template. Some of you already know how to do this, but some of you will have to learn how to drag and drop images and use them in the Powerpoint presentation.

I will guide you through the exhibition parameters for the TMA, but will not teach you how to manipulate images to make them fit the template.  This you will need to learn.  Assess your skills now, after opening the template. Remember, you can ask your classmates for help in the Student Lounge. This will not be the only assignment that asks you to edit images, so find out what your needs are early in the course.

Do I need any special skills?

Art exhibits represent knowledge shared with the public in visual form.  One of the skills a curator has is similar to that of the librarian who researches, handles and archives volumes of books and puts them in an order people can find, read, and discover on their own, to form their own opinions.  The art curator is someone who looks for themes and creates similarity out of disparate objects, organizing them in the exhibition space for view by an audience.  Curators physically collect art works, labels them, and writes about them.  Sometimes they actually arrange the objects in the gallery and hang the works of art.


What do I do now?
Right now download the Talon Power Point template and open it on your desktop computer. Then start communicating with your group in the Group Discussion Forum.

The first job to do is to decide on the role for each group member, and to start looking at possible artworks and artists you might want to include in your museum.  Otherwise, be patient, and more instructions will follow in the next couple of weeks.

This is where you turn in your one-page explanation of what you did for the CURATOR project, and how well your teammates did

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