Article review and reflection

Article Review and Reflection – with 12 point Times New Roman font and 1.5 spacing between lines. Describe and detail, in your own words, many of the main ideas of the Article. Also include what areas interested, intrigued, validated, and/or trouble you and why they moved you in such a way. Include strategies that you liked and explain why. In addition, respond to your readings in a personal/reflective style. Bring in prior readings, teaching and life experiences, etc., to your reflections. The Review and Reflection also needs to include : An introduction and concluding sentences as well as a sprinkling of relevant quotes. The quotes should not be too long. The Reflection must be a balance of Article content, your views and opinions, and personal teaching experiences. Blend the ideas of the Article along with your voice in an essay style. Do not write one half about Article ideas and the second half on your ideas and opinions *** Make sure to follow directions. My professor is very strict about that. ***

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