Adding on to first ASEAN paper written by Dr. Nora 1) When and why was the IGO created? What ?collective action problem? is it intended to solve? Who were the main countries that supported the creation of the IGO? (4p) 2) What are the main institutions making up this organization? What are the main rules of procedure for this organization? (2p) Why do you believe that the founders of the organization decided on this particular structure and these particular rules? (1p) 3) How has the IGO changed over time? Has the IO changed due to global developments? If so, how? Has it added new tasks to the ones it was already dealing with? Why? Has this led to changes in the IGO?s structure or rules? (5p) 4) Has the IGO substantially changed its membership? Why? Has this affected its structure and rules of procedure? (2p) 5) Is this organization currently more or less relevant for its members than when it was established? How do you think its relevance will change in the future? (3p)

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