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Subject: – Asian Literature
read articles Hwang Sunwŏn, “Coarse Sand” (1953) MKF, “Cranes” (1953) CR Yi Hochŏl, “Far from Home” (1955) MKF “knifeblade” by cho sehui Kim Sŭngok, “Seoul: 1964, Winter” (1965) Yi Ch’ŏngjun, “Footprints in the Snow” (1977) MKF Pak Wansŏ, “Mother’s Hitching Post” (1980) MKF O Chŏnghŭi, “Wayfarer” (1983) MKF, “The Bronze Mirror” (1982) Ch’oe Yun, “The Gray Snowman” (1992) MKF Kim Yŏngha, “Lizard” (1997) MKF there are two prompts, chose one to write paper. -Use the prompt as a starting point to think about and ask questions of the text, but your aim should be to construct an original argument in response to the prompt, that you can then support with textual evidence. Your argument need not address all aspects of the prompt. – Your argument should be critical in nature; do not compare for comparison’s sake, but make sure the purpose of your comparison is a clear and integral part of your argument. – No outside sources are necessary. Stick to the texts we have read; you may also cite lecture notes if you wish. Stay inside the text as much as possible. – Thorough analysis of the text itself is more convincing than paraphrase: cite whole, relevant passages, and analyze them in detail. Your paper should include at least one close reading that connects to your main argument. 1.Consider the portrayal of urban experience in two different literary works. How is the space of the city depicted? What aspects of the city attract particular focus? How does the setting of the city shape the narrative? Pay particular attention to the dynamic between narrative style and urban setting. 2.Juxtapose and compare two works that separately present different social spaces, namely urban and rural space. What are the distinctive values, sentiment or sensibility attributed to each social space? How do the distinctive characteristics of social space affect and shape the terms of personal development, inter-personal communication/relationship and conflict resolution (if any) in the stories?

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