Assessing and Planning Care for an Elderly Person


In order to gain an insight into the world of elder adults, it is important to understand how they view themselves and the values they hold. It is important to assess and determine his/her needs and establish appropriate interventions for this individual.

Choose a 65 year old or older adult to interview.

Use the format attached to record the responses. Include 2–3 questions of your own to get a complete picture of the older adult.

After gaining permission, conduct a physical and mental functional assessment of the older adult you have chosen.

Follow the process of functional assessment

Identify and describe the interviewed individual. include professional or other designation, and age.

Identify and describe the cultural implications for the identified individual

Perform a comprehensive functional (physical and mental) assessment utilizing the 4 tools (Tinetti, Katz, Home Safety, Barthel – research them on line).

Compare and contrast the age related changes of the interviewee to the expected changes

Identify and describe 4–6 preliminary issues assessed from the interview

Identify and describe 3 alterations in health that you would propose

Identify and describe 3 comprehensive interventions for each identified problem

use headings to identify the different sections in your paper

Paper should be 5 pages, not including the questionnaire or tools used. These should be attached as an Appendix.

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