Asset Recovery Dissertation

Please use the following books as reference. Note that all of them are available online at this website

– Asset Recovery Handbook: A Guide for Practitioners provides practitioners with a how-to guide for recovering stolen assets and draws on the experience of a wide range of countries and legal traditions.

– Barriers to Asset Recovery: An Analysis to the Key Barriers and Recommendations for Action recommends eight strategic actions and other recommendations for policy makers, legislators and practitioners.

– Towards a Global Architecture for Asset Recovery, a policy note, which identifies some of the measures that national authorities and international bodies, can undertake to accelerate the pace of asset return.
– Politically Exposed Persons: Preventive Measures for the Banking Sector combines policy recommendations and good practices aimed at making it harder for corrupt PEPs to launder their money, and make it easier to get stolen assets back.

– Income and Asset Declarations: Tools and Trade-offs provides practical advice and options for countries that want to build effective asset disclosure systems to prevent, uncover and prosecute corruption.

– Management of Returned Assets: Policy Considerations reviews some of the issues that national authorities may want to consider when planning for asset returns.

– A Good Practice Guide for Non-conviction-based Asset Forfeiture identifies the key concepts – legal, operational and practical – a procedure that provides for the seizure and forfeiture of stolen assets without the need for a criminal conviction.

Also use:

– United Nation Convention Against Corruption. (UNCAC)
– U.S. Asset Recovery Tools & Procedures(Attached).
– Asset-Recovery in German Law (Attached).
– UK-Guide-to-Asset-Recovery (Attached).
– Japan practical guide for asset recovery (Attached).
– Italy Asset Recovery tools and procedures (Attached).
– Russia Asset Recovery guide (Attached).
– Few and Far: The Hard Facts on Stolen Asset Recovery – OECD.
– All reference that I have used on the outline attached.
– International courts such as International Criminal Court (ICC).
– All reference that you think may assist the dissertation.

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