asssignment change week 6

Topic: asssignment change week 6

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When it comes to building skills, as a leader it seems the list is nearly limitless and always changing. How does this reality support the success of a leader? A new or even veteran leader may benefit from resources or tools that capture the core point of topics like different types of change which could get lost within the complexity of the daily experience of a leader in higher education.

For this Assignment
you develop a tool that aims to make understanding of change diversity and response more approachable.

To prepare:
Review Chapters 7, 8, and 9 in the course text.
Consider the key differences, challenges, and best practices associated with each type of change.
Create a visual that clearly illustrates a comparison of leadership approaches in the three change contexts (reactive, proactive, and interactive). Note the differences, challenges, and best practices associated with each. The visual should be presentable on a 1-page word document. Be creative, use images, graphs, tables or another form of your choice.

In addition, write a brief 3- to 4-paragraph analysis of the leadership qualities and/or practices that distinguish innovative change leadership from change management for each type of change.

Buller, J. L. (2015). Change leadership in higher education: A practical guide to academic transformation. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Chapter 7, “Leading Reactive Change” (pp. 155–174)
Chapter 8, “Leading Proactive Change” (pp.175–194)
Chapter 9, “Leading Interactive Change” (pp.195–216)
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