B2B Project-Airplane Manufacturing

B2B Project-Airplane Manufacturing

KSF 1: Meet appropriate Federal Aviation Administration regulations regarding safety and flight worthiness of commercial aircraft.

KSF 2: Having access to capital to meet the cash flow requirements of manufacturing in a long order-to-cash industry.

KSF 3: Have access to qualified aviation engineering and manufacturing resources.

KSF 4: Must be able to provide support & service to whichever geographic locations where the planes are delivered. Embraer- provides service training to united.
• Giovani – lessons learned about the “what to do” company (Boeing/Airbus)

• Edgar – key go-to-market approaches, how each company satisfies KSF’s, which KSF does each establish a position of differentiation

• Meghan – customer needs, critical external issues, market size

• Nick – background of both companies, background of industry, market growth analysis

• Domyati – lessons learned about the “what not to do” company (Embraer or other manu.)

This should be our paper outline

1. Create a comprehensive picture of the industry, including using the Vision planning model to identify the industry’s key success factors (KSFs). In the process:
a. Identify customer needs, critical external issues, market size & growth drivers;
b. Identify key go-to-market approaches
c. Identify / discuss how each competitor satisfies the KSF’s;
d. On which KSF does each establish a position of differentiation?

2. Choose two (2) companies in the industry:
a. One that has been significantly successful in the past five (5) Boeing/Airbus
b. One that has significantly declined in the same period. Embraer (or other aircraft manu.)

3. Summarize for the BoD the ‘lessons learned’ – gleaned from the experiences of Competitor
1 & 2 – about this industry and its requirements for success.

Each of our Findings(Your name, followed by the content you are responsible for)
*Add source after what you write as well as to the Sources section on the last page

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