BA 339 assignment/Assignment 1: Capacity & Process

BA 339 assignment/Assignment 1: Capacity & Process
A) Capacity
Portland Sewing Factory makes 3 different kinds of bags: Messenger, Grocery, and Fashion. Using the information provided below and in Assignment 1 Capacity Data,
calculate the require capacity for this years production. The times are given for an assembly line so your ending calculations should suggest how many lines will be
necessary assuming two shifts, each with 2,000 hours.

Bag type Demand Forecast (units/year) Processing Time (minutes/ unit) Lot Size (# of bags) Setup Time (minutes/ setup)
Messenger 14,000 8 10 50
Grocery 16,000 10 10 80
Fashion 19,000 12 25 40

1. Using the formulas and cell referencing learned in the Excel lessons, set up this problem on the data file sheet so that it easy to follow to the answer.
(Note: =Sumproduct formula would be helpful for Total Processing Time and Total Setup time).
2. Place your answer table in your word document and explain your answer.
B) Break-even/Indifference
Camas Ketchup produces a bottled product that currently has annual fixed of $240,000 and $0.50 per bottle. The company is looking at 2 new packaging lines. Line A has
a fixed cost of $320,000 per year and variable costs of $0.30 while Line B has a fixed cost of $400,000 per year and variable costs of $0.25. (Data is also provided on
a separate worksheet in Assignment 1 Data)
1. What are the indifference points between the various processes?
2. Fill out the table with different units and the total cost for each level of unit production?
3. If the sales are expected to be 250,000 bottles, what should they do?
4. If the sales are expected to be 500,000 units, what should they do?
5. If sales are expected to be 1,000,000 bottles, which process should be used?
6. Extra Credit: Use a line chart to graph the three options together.

One page of written text (full paragraphs & subheadings) with the exhibits added after the text with appropriate labels (Figure 1: XXX).
• Past the appropriate tables of answers into the paper with your written summary.
• Please upload both your excel spreadsheet and your written report to the D2L Dropbox labeled for this assignment.
Life and Death
1. Your title page should
contain a shortened version
of your title in all capital
letters and the words
“Running head:” in the upper
left corner. The page number
should appear in the upper
right corner. In the center of
the page, add the title of the
paper, your name, course
name and number,
instructor’s name, and the
date. For additional
information, please visit the
‘Writing Center & Library’ link
in your course where you will
find the APA Guides tab.
Click on the “Formatting
Instructions for Microosft
Word 2013” Your Paper link.
[Jaclyn Chupeck]
2. you
You always want to be
working toward eliminating
the “you” voice out of your
writing. Using this pronoun,
“you” can make it very tricky
for your reader, and you want
to work on making your
writing as objective as
possible, but using the “you”
makes your writing subjective
and less formal and
professional. Work hard on
writing that “you” out of your
writing. [Jaclyn Chupeck]
3. thirteen years old when
my passed
I am so sorry to hear this,
Sabrina 🙁 [Jaclyn Chupeck]
4. The next to come,
The next to come referring to
what exactly? [Jaclyn
5. But
Conjunctions join words,
phrases, and clauses. You
can remember conjunctions
by using the acronym
FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but,
or, yet, so. For additional
information, please visit the
‘Writing Center & Library’ link
in your course where you will
find the Grammar Help tab.
Click on the “Parts of Speech”
link. [Jaclyn Chupeck]

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