Bank Account Class

Bank Account Class [5 points total]
Problem Statement: In this project, you are to develop a Visual C# class and form to emulate a
BankAccount. Each BankAccount object should contain the following information: customerId,
accountNumber and a balance. The operations (methods) that can be performed on a BankAccount
object are Deposit and Withdraw. The ReadOnly properties of a BankAccount are balance, customerId,
accountNumber. For this project, you are to create one class (BankAccount) and one form
(BankingForm), which contains 4 procedures. Use the BankAccount class that you developed in
Semester Programming Exercise 18.
1) FormBanking: This form should contain 4 procedures:
a. FormBanking_Load procedure
i. Create a new BankAccount object (called myBankAccount) with a customer id, account
number and initial balance of $100. Assume customer id is “12345678” and the account
number is “140.”
ii. Display customerId and accountNumber in two Labels (these will not be changed).
iii. Set the SelectedIndex of the comboBoxTransactionType to 0 (Deposit).
b. buttonCalculate_Click procedure
i. Based upon the transaction type (Deposit or Withdrawal) and transaction amount (must be
> 0), update the balance of myBankAccount and display it in a Label.
ii. Clear all text boxes
iii. Give focus back to the comboBoxTransactionType.
c. buttonClear_Click procedure
i. Clear all text boxes.
ii. Give focus back to the comboBoxTransactionType.
d. buttonExit_Click procedure will close the application.
2) Note: Validate all transaction amounts to be numeric and greater than or equal to 0 using your
Validation class library. Remember the IsValidInputMinimumOnly function? Now is a great time to
use it. Also, do an additional test to ensure that a deposit or withdrawal of $0 is not allowed.
Software Requirements: In addition to exhibiting the correct behavior as described in the previous
sections, your project should also meet the following requirements.
1. Ensure proper use of commenting and variable names (Coding Standards document from Quiz 1)
Outline of Steps to Complete QUIZ 7:
1. Start a new project using the Visual Studio C# template and Windows Forms Application inside your
assignment folder on your flash drive and name it Quiz7.
2. Rename the default form name from Form1 to FormBanking by renaming the Form1.cs file to
FormBanking.cs through the Solution Explorer.
3. Complete the FormBanking form design in Visual C# that closely resembles the GUI which appears
on the last page.
4. Change the label “Your Name” by with your real name.
5. Write the code for the BankAccount class with the properties and methods listed on the first page.
6. Complete the Visual C# code for the FormBanking. Specifically, you need to write the code for the
four procedures described earlier.
7. Run the project and perform the following transaction sequence after creating an account with an
initial balance of $100.00:
i. (Deposit) $ 55.00
ii. (Deposit) $100.00
iii. (Withdraw) $225.00
iv. (Withdraw) $ 50.00
v. (Deposit) $ 70.00
You may want to try other transactions to verify that the account is okay.
8. Laulima Delivery:
a. Delete the “obj” folder
b. Right click on your main project folder Quiz7 and select “Send to”->“compressed”. This will
make a “” file.
c. Upload your zipped file.
9. Screenshot of Template Form: Below is an image of the FormBanking after completion.
Create a form with the basic controls shown below wit

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