Annotated Bibliography Assignment — Due by Thursday, April 14th

From Purdue’s OWL — “An annotated bibliography is an account of research that has been done on a topic. As with any bibliography, it is an alphabetical list of research sources such as books, articles, websites, and documents. In addition to bibliographic information, it gives a concise summary of each source, including some assessment of its value or relevance.”

There are two main sections to EACH annotated bibliography:
1) The bibliographic information (the reference) single space
2) The explanatory paragraphs (the annotation), which provide the following elements:
a. a summary of the main arguments or ideas presented by the author

The purpose of this assignment is for you to locate, in scholarly journals (preferably via LSU’s indexes and databases) the conversation on a particular element of any short story, novel, or poem we have read in class. Choose the best FIVE scholarly articles on your chosen topic. Choose a story that we studied in this class that you enjoyed, or an aspect of a story you questioned. I shared with you a scholarly article I found on the significance of the Irish literature Grant studied while in college, and how he only understood those lessons much later as he’s involved with Jefferson. Understanding critical arguments is a very important part of literary scholarship. I sincerely hope you research a topic that truly interests you. Some of my favorite work in both my undergrad and graduate courses was researching critical perspectives.

For this assignment, please include a heading as listed on your syllabus (left hand corner. Include your name, due date, class, assignment). Then center your topic as your title (Color Red in Beloved).

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