Benny and Joon movies, the question should answer one by one base on the movie.

Benny and Joon movies, the question should answer one by one base on the movie.Order Description
Benny and Joon
At the beginning of the movie, someone asks, “What does it really mean to need somebody?”
Throughout the movie, think about this question and describe how Benny and Joon may or may not
need each other.
? This question should be answered as an ongoing question throughout the movie
1. What does Benny do for a living?
2. How does the housekeeper describe Joon’s behavior?
3. ? Describe Benny and Joon’s relationship.
4. ? Explain Joon’s behavior and how it can be defined as “abnormal.”
5. Where does Joon’s doctor want to send her? Why?
6. ? How does Joon’s behavior/illness affect Benny?
7. Who is Sam and how does Benny become responsible for him?
8. ? Describe Sam’s behavior—how might Sam’s behavior be defined as abnormal? Do you think
Sam has a behavioral disorder? Why or why not?
9. How does Benny describe Joon’s behavior to Sam?
10. What is part of Joon’s “routine” in the mornings?
11. Explain the flashback that Benny has about he and Joon’s childhood. How might this have
affected/be responsible for Joon’s behavior?
12. How does Joon help Sam? How does their relationship develop?
13. How does Benny want to “help” Sam?
14. How does Benny react to the news about Joon and Sam’s relationship?
15. What types of behavior does Joon display on the bus?
16. In the hospital, why do you think Sam says Benny is scared?

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